Gone are days at the office. Let’s create your new workspace.

Circumstances have led us to move away from the traditional 9-5 ways of working. And with remote working a continuing trend, it’s time to devise a unified digital workspace that you can access from anywhere at any time.

With Axon, everything you could do in the office can be done from wherever, whenever.

As a business, you already have enough challenges. How to win new customers, take on competitors, grow your business and create an inviting culture. 

Investing resources into a digital transformation strategy may sound like adding another thing into the mix. But thanks to technologies like cloud and fast mobile networks your workplace will be part of the solution, not another problem to deal with.

Is your team working from home or are they working in a unified digital workspace?

Empowering your team to create their own workspace where they want, how they want, can help overcome a range of challenges. When you have a completely digitally connected workforce:

Tools fit perfectly

Microsoft 365 apps and Microsoft Cloud let work and data flow smoothly between all your tools and devices.

Everyone is up to date

Microsoft Teams gives you a single source of truth – one version of each file that everyone can access and work on, on any device.

Teams are closer

Staff can co-author content, talking and typing and commenting on the same file simultaneously – again, in any Office 365 app on any device.

See what a workplace transformation can do for your business with our FREE, no obligation digital transformation assessment

Your free, no obligation digital transformation assessment is designed to help you find the solution that supports your business goals, fits your budget and fixes workplace issues.

We help you:

  • Identify opportunities and weaknesses
  • Assess business requirements and readiness
  • Design, plan and test the right solution
  • Plan for onboarding and data migration

You will then receive a step-by-step roadmap for building a more productive, efficient and reliable team.

The features of a modern workplace

It is no longer enough to create a VPN connection for remote access to your servers or risk your employees forgetting to email themselves that important document they need to continue working on remotely. That causes unexpected downtime, which prevents staff from working. And it all leads to missed deadlines and customer disappointment.

Transforming the way you do business means:

IT is ultra reliable: Windows, your Office apps and your IT security are all managed for you.

Your files are never out of reach: Modernise and go server-less, you can use your apps and access all your data in the cloud.

You can be more socially responsible: Working remotely enables you to cut down on travel emissions and the wasted business costs that go with it.  

Nobody’s left out: Everyone in the group can see the latest data and insights, collaborate in real-time and access previous version history easily.

Support is fast: Axon is here to help, when something does go wrong.

Case Study

Taking Together Travel into the cloud - 99.9% uptime guaranteed

With Axon + Microsoft you can mix and match the apps and communication tools that fit your business. We enable staff to work together, from anywhere and we offer proactive security to help protect against sophisticated threats.

With online apps and programmes, your team can:

Stay on track: Tools like Microsoft Teams and Yammer give you a shared space to define and assign project goals and deadlines.

Keep work transparent: Management has visibility into everything that is said and shared.

Get more done: Staff can talk, share ideas and content, and even start co-authoring Office docs inside a Teams hub.

Make meetings easy: With Microsoft Teams you can video chat in 4K clarity, anywhere on any device.

Take discussion to the next level: You can share PC screens, co-author content and record the whole meeting so absentees can catch up.

With staycations and hot desking at your local independent café on the rise, it’s important to ensure your employees can instantly access the tools, data and relevant team members whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Armed with the right tools: 

Remote doesn’t mean distant: Working from home feels like working next to colleagues with Microsoft Teams video meetings.

Communicating is easy: When staff work non-standard hours, they can catch up on all the chat and updates in Microsoft Teams hubs.

Your work comes with you: All of your apps, files and communications tools are just as available on a home PC, mobile or tablet as in the office.

People can create an on-the-go workspace: Travelling staff can do everything they can do in the office – even taking part in meetings and co-authoring in real-time.

There’s no more dead time: Staff can work when travelling, and there’s less need for catch-up time when they return.

The office is no longer one physical place

The world has evolved and so has our workplaces. It is no longer a space with old PCs, physical servers, storage and filing cabinets, with every employee in eyesight from 9am to 5pm. It’s now a space you create wherever you are, whenever that may be. With our FREE assessment, we can help you create your own modern workplace.

See what a digital workplace transformation can do for your business

Arrange your free, no-obligation assessment. You’ll receive a detailed report on how empowering your staff to create their own workspace where they want can address your weaknesses and improve productivity, efficiency and growth opportunities.